The psychology of advent calendars

The psychology of advent calendars First, a brief history What’s an Advent anyway? Despite decades of eating little chocolates from behind cardboard doors, we’ve probably never asked ourselves this question before. So it seems like a good place to begin. The word...

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A sense of urgency

A sense of urgency Last chance! Using urgency in sales is nothing new. It works because it forces people to take action. Usually by employing scarcity. So, making something (like, the discounted price) only available within a limited time period (like, ‘this bank...

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How To Get More Web Enquiries

How To Get More Web Enquiries Top 6 tips to get more web enquiries and grow your client list People are busy and easily distracted. So how do you encourage visitors to stay a bit longer on your website, find what they need, and get in touch easily? Ultimately, how can...

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What Is An SSL Certificate?

What Is An SSL Certificate? What is an SSL Certificate and Do I Need One? Is your website secure? If not, Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, is letting visitors know about it. To the left of the web address there is a little security status icon. If you...

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